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  1. Are you ready for another PSEUDO VISION?!

    Big thanks to our newest partner in crime Franck Deron (franck-deron.squarespace.com) for the beautiful, disturbing, and the phenomenal video montage!


  2. Next chapter in our ongoing collaboration with Asbjørn starts today: FITH PSEUDO VISION - "THE LOVE YOU HAVE IN YOU"

    Stay tuned the coming months - this is just the beginning!

  3. Hello!
    Two new videoes are up on the website representing two very treasured and diverse collaborations:
    With the video for Asbjørn's "Skywalker" the first chapter of the video-marathon Pseudo Visions comes to an epic end. Stay tuned for the next chapter hitting the web next fall!
    The second video we proudly present to you today is the fruit of a long ongoing dialog between POWERCLAP and the band Girls In Airports - a collaboration that hopefully will bring you lots of new interesting audiovisual works in the future.


    Asbjørn - Skywalker (Fourth Pseudo Vision)

    Girls In Airports - Grass By The Roses


    It's video time, once again! We are proud to present the third PESUDO VISION in our grandieuse collaboration with Asbjørn. Dont forget to watch the first two visions,  and stay tuned for the fourth hitting the web 1st of may at www.asbjornmusic.com, here www.facebook.com/POWERCLAP and here: www.powerclap.com

    All the best

  5. Gregersen - Hold Mig Fast (Extended Version)

    New video out!
    Watch what happens when you take a sexy looking and broken hearted pop-artist standing in front of his sexy looking italian sportscar in his smooth looking suit... and then add a little POWERCLAP to the production (yes, there will be blood).

  6. The Second Pseudo Vision is out : Asbjørn - R Y B

    We are proud to present you this one. Dont forget to watch The First Pseudo Vision,  and stay tuned for the next ones at www.asbjornmusic.com, here www.facebook.com/POWERCLAP and here: www.powerclap.com

  7. So it begins!!
    The first video/vision in the  P S E U D O   V I S I O N S  series is out, and we are super excited! Remember to hit subscribe at the end of the video for updates on the following visions that will be revealed other the next months. And stay tuned here: www.asbjornmusic.com, here www.facebook.com/POWERCLAP and here: www.powerclap.com

    // Anders & Thomas


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